Young Astronauts Club is an alternative rock / post-rock / experimental music group formed in 1995. YAC studio recordings, live performances and sub-projects feature a wide variety of contributions from many talented musicians and producers, all of which have seen YAC grow from modest, post-punk beginnings to become one of the biggest bands in the world - and a pivotal and forward-thinking force for progressive sound - pioneering and even inventing multiple genres of contemporary popular music, all with a staunch d.i.y. work ethic conducted via their own company, NOTACORP, and distributed via various labels - including Universal, EMI, Sony and others. YAC was a cult band in the 1990s, became somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon in the 2000s, and in 2015 achieved household name status with the release of the album "Europa" and the three singles from it, "Lines In The Sky", "All Alone Again" and "Home". The band can be seen performing at a venue near you, and future releases are currently in the works.