Young Astronauts Club is a 21st century post-rock music group which was formed by Michael Macintosh.
YAC is: Michael Macintosh (vox / guitar / keyboards / bass / drums / electronics / songwriter / etc.) + Crystal Macintosh (vox / keyboards / bass / guitar / electronics / drums / songwriter / etc.).
Additional musicians include: Amadeus Muir, Joe Sorella, Peter Haus, Keith Carrington, Bessie Aysel Sönmers, Walter Simons, Shannon Angel, Gato Aguilera, Thomas Welsh, Byron Burke, Moose Taverns, Steven Cagney, etc.
Young Astronauts Club has released dozens of recordings since forming, and is currently working hard in the studio on a new album for tentative release in late 2021.
YAC has toured extensively with various live lineups throughout North America and Europe. 
Live performances are always in the works - stay tuned to official YAC channels for news about upcoming shows.