01.07.2018 - Great news, everyone.  We have had a truly great 2017 - and 2018 looks to be even better.  We have purchased a nice house in Beverly Hills, California - and are finishing our album here.  Hello to all of our new neighbors, and it's great to be back in the U.S.A.  We look forward to getting some new music out some time soon for you.  Best, Níl Patrik Zolymon / Krs Kaffir Junzilan, and everyone else @ YAC.

11.15.2017 - Hey everyone.  Come and visit our daughter Emmeline's YouTube channel, it's full of her videos.  It's called Sunlight Moon Dash - you can visit it at this link.  Enjoy!  Best, Níl Patrik Zolymon / Krs Kaffir Junzilan (Young Astronauts Club).

11.10.2017 - Great news...we are back @ our private studio, Lab X.  We intend to really get to finishing up the album "Stadia" which we have been writing and developing in various other locations.  The album is probably only about half finished, so there are no promises on a finishing time, but we are working diligently.  Keep checking here for news and developments on the album and other things here.  Also, we have started releasing our solo catalogs on various major downloading and streaming sites, so check for ZOLYMON and JUNZILAN releases wherever you prefer to listen to music.  Best, Níl Patrik Zolymon / Krs Kaffir Junzilan (Young Astronauts Club).

10.30.2017 - We don't usually promote other people's albums for them, but this one deserves to be heard...the new Jeremy Enigk album, "Ghosts".  We were some of the first people to hear it, ever, and it is a true masterpiece from a musician who is still criminally overlooked.  Hopefully he will make many more albums in years to come.  Check it out on Spotify at this link.  Best, Níl Patrik Zolymon / Krs Kaffir Junzilan (Young Astronauts Club).

10.25.2017 - "Music From The End Of The World", a 25-track collection of Young Astronauts Club music, is now available on Spotify.  Check it out at this link.  Best, Níl Patrik Zolymon / Krs Kaffir Junzilan (Young Astronauts Club).

10.10.2017 - Today, we are officially announcing a giant move forward for us.  We have begun work on our album, "Stadia".  This is a concept we have had floating around in the backs of our minds for some time now and have wanted to begin work on when the opportunity arose.  The time is now.  We are in the studio with zero live performance commitments coming up, so we are going to focus all of our energies on the studio aspect of this project.  We will be simultaneously producing at least a double album AND a film while we are making the album.  So here we go.  A blank canvas to fill.  We are off to the store for a new hard drive.  News soon!  Best, Níl Patrik Zolymon / Krs Kaffir Junzilan (Young Astronauts Club).

10.01.2017 - We will be hard at work on new music recordings for the foreseeable future.  Winter is coming and there is no better time to avoid playing live (believe us, we know what it's like to load in your own gear to play a gig in the middle of a snowstorm for three people in North America).  Look out for new songs soon.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.30.2017 - Well, it looks like we can be based in the U.S.A. again.  Thanks, Donald Trump, for reducing the crushing taxes that were killing our business, NOTACORP, and preventing us from being legally based in our home country for the last five years.  Maybe now we can move our operations fully back home!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.29.2017 - Record shopping today...as always, we bought a few things...oh yeah, and some new guitars.  One can never have enough of those.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.28.2017 - Back in the studio today...work being done on new tracks.  Watch this space!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.27.2016 - We have new apparel designs available.  Check them out on our Red Bubble shop!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.25.2017 - We have tracks which are newly available on Spotify, iTunes and etc. - use your favorite search engine to find them!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.24.2017 - In the studio today again...more new ideas are coming, stay tuned for news on upcoming music!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.23.2017 - We're back in the studio in London, recording a special version of the 1972 Elton John hit "Rocket Man" to dedicate to our favorite North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.22.2017 - We've added a lot of our catalog to your favorite digital downloading sites recently.  Look for Young Astronauts Club on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and everywhere else music is streamed.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.21.2017 - We've been buying lots of new guitars lately.  Check out some photos of them on our Instagram profile.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.20.2017 - Our album "Europa" is, at last, available from iTunes.  Check it out at this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.19.2017 - Our 1996 album "Six Plus Seven" is now available on Spotify.  Check it out at this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.18.2017 - Our 2012 album "Aut -> 1" is now available on Spotify.  Check it out at this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.17.2017 - Our album "Europa" has finally been made available on Spotify.  Check it out at this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.16.2017 - We're currently taking a break from recording to remaster some of our older recordings and make them available online for you.  Check back for more news on that!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.15.2017 - We're adding new products to the Red Bubble store.  Check out YAC shirts, clocks, books, etc. by clicking the link above!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.14.2017 - The wall is underway.  We really don't mind, as our recording studio, Rialta, is in West Texas.  We get pretty loud when we are recording, and we don't want to disturb our Mexican neighbors!  Thanks, Mr. Trump!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.13.2017 - We have new singles available on Spotify, iTunes and every other digital downloading / streaming site.  Check them out and help us get paid, since you're not actually buying our compact discs.  Except for some of you, you know who you are.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.12.2017 - Young Astronauts Club singer / guitarist / songwriter Níl Patrik Zolymon has launched a future music / art / media movement.  It is called 1 Million A.D. - or 1MAD for short.  You can learn more about it by visiting the new section in this site for it.  It will be awesome! - Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.11.2017 - We haven't forgotten, America. - Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.10.2017 - We have a new merch store over at Redbubble.  Visit it @ this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.08.2017 - Check out our new compilation album, "The Great Whatever" - currently available on Bandcamp at this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.07.2017 - We hope all of our Florida friends, family and fans are in a safe place by now.  Hurricane Irma looks pretty bad from where we are and we don't want any of you getting hurt.  Stay safe.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.06.2017 - Do you think time travel is possible?  We do.  So does our new friend, Andrew Basiago.  In fact, he says he's done it.  And he's running for President.  Visit him via Facebook at this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.05.2017 - All is going well in the studio.  Tracks are being developed, new ideas are being hatched and everyone is having a good time.  More news soon!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.04.2017 - We're back in the studio in London today.  All is going well, we are working on the 50 or so tracks that we began assembling over the summertime in order to see which ones we feel best about finishing.  Lots more to come.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.03.2017 - Our studio, Rialta, in Texas, we have just found out, was slightly damaged by the recent hurricane Harvey.  If you want to help us get some repairs done, feel free to make a contribution via the 'donate' section.  We were more fortunate than others, though, since our studio is in the western part of the state.  If you can give to a reputable charity to help those in greater need, then please, do also.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.02.2017 - We are shopping for records and other cool things in Dublin today.  Found some really great stuff - like some rare comic books, some Bauhaus 45s and some really hard-to-find classical music cassette releases from Germany.  Some interesting stuff on these recordings, maybe some of it will end up being sampled for upcoming tracks.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

09.01.2017 - Go check out the movie 'Detroit' by Kathryn Bigelow.  We did, and it's great.  If you want to understand more about the recent history of race relations in America, this is a good place to start.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.31.2017 - Visiting art exhibitions today in Ireland.  Fun!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.30.2017 - Doing some promoting of our new website in Dublin, Ireland...how do you get by in this town without drinking?  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.29.2017 - Writing new parts for songs today, and then we're off to Dublin for the rest of this week!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.28.2017 - Studio work again today.  New tracks are coming along nicely!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.27.2017 - We're in the studio in London today.  News soon!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.26.2017 - Good man, Conor McGregor, it was really nice of you to let Mayweather win.  Congrats on being nice to the elderly, we know you could have beat him easily if you wanted to.  ;)  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.25.2017 - Listening to the music of a lot of other bands lately, including:  Sleep Today, Spiritualized, Fantomas, Rollins Band, Archive, Godflesh and a whole lot more.  Check these guys / gals out!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.24.2017 - We might be away from social media for a while, as we have a lot of songs to finish.  Posts will be sporadic, and blogs will be short.  Thanks for your understanding!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.23.2017 - There are lots of new photos over at our Instagram page.  Check it here.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.22.2017 - We've been recording a lot lately, and have about 50 tracks accumulated to pare down and work on for a future album.  No promises of a release date or anything, but we will keep you posted.  We're talking to record companies again if anyone wants to work with us.  Or wants to work, period, you lazy bastards.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.21.2017 - The 1997 Young Astronauts Club e.p. "Turn On The Lights", which was a huge hit all over the world - before the days of sharing everything on the internet - anyone else remember those? - is now available to listen to - you guessed it - on the internet - for the first time ever.  Keep in mind this music was released before a lot of stuff you currently already know and enjoy, and was probably hugely influential upon the work of a lot of artists that came later on (if not downright copied - ahem, Audioslave, Nine Inch Nails and company).  But yeah, since we were only an up-and-coming independent band back then, everyone thinks the copycat corporate old guys with bigger budgets came up with this stuff.  But we're digressing.  Check it at this link, and enjoy.  You be the judge of originality.  Personally, we were into Codeine, Karate, The Cure, Dinosaur Jr., The Velvet Underground, Tortoise and Galaxie 500 at the time.  Heavily.  So props to all of those.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.20.2017 - Listening to a lot of music today - Shudder To Think, Soundgarden, The Spacelords, Mothership, Truckfighters, Geezer, Black Mirrors, Spaceslug, Six Sigma, Comacozer, Los Natas, The Great Machine, Forming The Void, Naam, Libido Fuzz, Kyuss, Oelkman, Weedpecker, Ape Machine, West Grave, Miss Lava, Kozmotron, Fuzz Aldrin and more.  Oh yeah.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.18.2017 - Writing new songs today!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.17.2017 - We're currently customizing our guitars, bass and other instruments in preparation for upcoming live performances.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.16.2017 - We are re-releasing various tracks online that were previously only available in various physical formats.  Check out our Bandcamp pages, Spotify, iTunes and other places where Young Astronauts Club-related music is audible.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.15.2017 - We're uploading lots of pictures and etc. to our Instagram profile.  Check it out at the link above!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.14.2017 - We've uploaded new images to the 'downloads' section - check them out!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.13.2017 - Finally, a new Prize America album is being released this month, on the 15th - but you can hear it in advance here.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.12.2017 - There are new Bandcamp sites for the solo releases and works of Zolymon and Junzilan.  Check them out here and here.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.11.2017 - We've re-released the single "What's Wrong With Me", along with new artwork and mastering.  Check it out @ this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.10.2017 - The re-mastered / re-mixed version of "Welcome" is now available on Bandcamp.  Get yours at this link!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.09.2017 - There are new mixes of "A Song, Etc." which have just been released over at our Bandcamp page.  Visit this link to hear the ever-expanding collection!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.08.2017 - We are out record shopping again today, looking for new and interesting music to get influenced by.  We're discovering all kinds of things, so expect it all to end up in the new album somehow, as this is what happens to musicians!  Níl and Krs are finally getting the record collection they always wanted.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.07.2017 - Getting a lot of work done on new tracks...it's coming together pretty quickly.  No promises of any new music any time soon though, we are going to take our time and really do this one even better than the last!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.06.2017 - Buying guitars today...for our upcoming studio recordings.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.05.2017 - The c.d. version of our latest album, "Europa", is now available at Tower Records, Spindizzy Records and Freebird Records in Dublin.  Pick yourself up a copy!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.04.2017 - We've been record shopping at some of the great stores in the Dublin area...found some really great stuff!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.03.2017 - We had a good day in the studio yesterday, it was the first day of recording the new album.  More work today, we will keep you posted.  Watch this space!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.02.2017 - Recording today @ Lab X Studios in Dublin.  We will let you know how that works out!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

08.01.2017 - As of today, we're officially stepping off the airplane and re-locating to London and Dublin for a while - to record our next album.  We figure we've spent so much time in Britain and Ireland lately, that we might as well just move here for a while and see what it's like.  On board will be Níl Patrik Zolymon and Krs Kaffir Junzilan - and we will be inviting a slew of guest musicians to make appearances.  We've done recording in both cities previously, but never started a full album from scratch here.  This should prove to be an interesting experiment, and we're all really looking forward to how it turns out.  Hopefully we will make it back to the U.S. for some parts of the album or mixing.  We'll certainly be bringing along ideas and songs we wither wrote or made demos of in the U.S., and we will keep you posted on how that goes, so keep checking here!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.31.2017 - We're listening to Linkin Park a lot in the studio today.  Rest in peace, Chester Bennington.  You will be missed.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.30.2017 - The Zeventh album "Medictations" is now available also from Bandcamp.  Check it out at this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.29.2017 - The Zeventh album "Discolornation" is finally available from Bandcamp.  Who doesn't want a 7.5 hour 432 hz ambient noise sub-project album for their music collection?  Get it at this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.28.2017 - We're re-releasing more tracks today, check out Spotify, iTunes, etc. to hear them!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.26.2017 - More recording today.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.25.2017 - Re-mastering some older tracks, check out Spotify, iTunes, etc. to hear!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.24.2017 - In the studio today, we're working on new music again.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.23.2017 - We've been sorting through our photo archives and have found some really interesting pictures.  Check out our 'downloads' section and our official Instagram page to see what we've found!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.22.2017 - We are in the recording studio again today...more news on new music soon!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.21.2017 - There is now a Bandcamp site for Níl Patrik Zolymon's project, ZEVENTH.  Visit it at this link.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.20.2017 - We have new video uploads in the MTV section...visit there to see them!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.19.2017 - Today, for us, is a day of reflection on the recent passing of musician Chris Cornell.  Many people probably aren't aware of the fact that Young Astronauts Club's and Cornell's music influenced each other going way back to the very beginning, as we were aware of each other since very early on in our careers, thanks, especially, to the magazine Maximum Rock And Roll.  Despite the obvious age difference, we both came from the very same strain of underground American rock much which was influenced by 1980s post-punk, 1970s arena rock and 1960s pop rock music that became known by the mainstream as 'alternative rock', and were aware of each other's music before everyone else was.  It's sad to think there will be no more Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple Of The Dog or Chris Cornell solo music.  However, we can appreciate what he left us in all of these great bands.  So today, we are listening to all of these albums, back to back, grateful for what this truly great artist left us.  Thanks, Chris.  Our condolences go out to his family and everyone else close to him.  He will be missed, without a doubt.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.18.2017 - We have new videos up at our Vimeo profile.  Check them out in the menu above!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.17.2017 - We are currently releasing every track by the YAC sub-project, THE POISON CONTROL CENTRE as a single over at Bandcamp.  Visit this link to check them out!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.16.2017 - We recently finished re-mastering the "Stardust Memorial Park" collection.  Check out the new version on Bandcamp at this link.  Happy Sunday listening!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.15.2017 - More studio work today.  There are new Facebook profiles for various members of the band.  Search for your favorite in any search engine.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.14.2017 - Happy anniversary, France!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.13.2017 - More writing, currently making demos of tracks.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.12.2017 - We are writing music again today.  More news soon!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.11.2017 - There are two new MySpace pages, one for the U.S. version and one for the U.K. version of our album / collection "<".  Check them out here and here.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.10.2017 - More recording today...sounding really good!  We'll post some videos soon.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.09.2017 - We've been tracking guitars, bass and drums at one of our private studios - and it sounds great.  More news on recording soon!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.08.2017 - We are beginning to rehearse with the intent of touring at some point in the future.  We're still a while away from being co-ordinated enough to do anything that we'd feel confident and comfortable charging you to buy a ticket to come and see, but we are working towards that.  We hope to put together something really special for you all, so check back for further developments as they arise.  We will certainly let you know here of any upcoming dates immediately via this site!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.07.2017 - Níl Patrik Zolymon and Krs Kaffir Junzilan have a sub-project called Prize America, which there is now a Bandcamp site for. Check it out at this link!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.06.2017 - There are new mixes of "A Song, Etc." which have been added to the collection on Bandcamp.  Check them out at this link!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.05.2017 - There are newly available Young Astronauts Club tracks on your favorite downloading and streaming sites from today onward.  Visit yours and search for us.  There will be more to come in the following days, so keep checking back!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.04.2017 - Happy anniversary, America!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.03.2017 - Níl Patrik Zolymon and Krs Kaffir Junzilan are visiting Ireland's National Gallery today to show appreciation for Ireland's rich artistic heritage.  You can visit them or make a donation at http://www.nationalgallery.ie.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.02.2017 - We are saddened to hear of the passing of our good friend and studio collaborator, Joe Sorella.  Joe played guitar on a number of the tracks from our new album, "Europa" - he taught us all a lot and was a great guy to work with.  Our condolences go out to his friends and family.  There are a number of songs he played on which we haven't released, but we plan on finishing them off as a tribute to him and releasing them somehow.  You can also hear his contributions to Young Astronauts Club via our forthcoming "R + D" collection.  We will miss you, Joe.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

07.01.2017 - The entire Young Astronauts Club catalog is being added, one song at a time, to your favorite digital downloading and streaming sites, including iTunes, Napster, Spotify, Deezer and many others.  If you are aware of a site we have not made our catalog available from, let us know via notacorporation@aol.com and we will try to make that happen for you.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.30.2017 - We are planning on building a studio for our band in northern California.  It will be nice to eventually record while surrounded by old redwood trees.  More news on that later.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.29.2017 - We are getting set up to record.  More news soon.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.28.2017 - We are now adding more guitars to our arsenal...a lot more rock this time, we think.  News soon!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.27.2017 - We are record shopping in London...good vibes...maybe we will come and record here?  Let us know what you think about that.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.26.2017 - There is now a section on this site for Knives In Your Mind, a podcast featuring Níl Patrik Zolymon and co. Enjoy!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.25.2017 - We've been writing new guitar and bass parts for an upcoming album. More news as it happens.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.24.2017 - Check out the new Zolymon and Junzilan MySpace pages - http://www.myspace.com/zolymon and http://www.myspace.com/junzilan.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.23.2017 - We have a new MySpace page - check it out @ http://www.myspace.com/youngastronautsclub.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.22.2017 - We're dusting off our guitars and getting ready to write new music. Stay tuned!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.22.2017 - Check out our newly re-launched Soundcloud page - http://www.soundcloud.com/youngastronautsclub - enjoy!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.22.2017 - Hello everyone!  We've added a bunch of things to the site.  We've also started a new mailing list, so feel free to add your name to it and keep updated with what we are doing! More to come...have a great day, everyone!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.21.2017 - Hello everyone, and welcome to our newly re-launched site.  We are currently in the process of building it.  We are also working on a new album for a future release date.  Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come also.  We hope you enjoy what we have already!  Best, Young Astronauts Club.

06.20.2017 - We are back and better than ever!  Stay tuned for news here.  Best, Young Astronauts Club.