Hey everyone.  As you probably know, since you're here - it's mostly thanks to the internet that we are able to share our music with so many of you.  This, to us, is a great and wonderful thing.  However, since we are, essentially, giving away our work to most people who appreciate it, we are asking that you return the appreciation by making a donation to our overall operating costs via PayPal.  Keep in mind that we run all of our operations in-house - we are still, really, an independent band on our own company, working with our friends and family to bring you this music.  So we do rely on support from you to make this happen.  Any amount you can contribute goes towards us being able to keep doing this, and we don't mind if you go and get all of our albums for free, honestly, from anywhere on the net.  That is why we made them - we want to keep making music and to keep sharing it with you.  So go ahead, click the button below and throw some coins our way.  We appreciate it.  Thanks for all of your support over the years, and we hope to keep making music for years to come.

Best, Young Astronauts Club.