Aug 05 2008, by Carly Carioli.

We tried to start this thing a long time ago where we'd have Boston bands cover other Boston bands, which perhaps is exactly the kind of incestuousness that keeps Boston so freaking...y'know, BOSTON.  The idea more or less ran its course, although you might want to check back next week because we're bringing it back in a big way.  In the meantime, this Hallelujah The Hills track sort of almost doesn't count, since it's Ryan Walsh playing a song from his old band The Stairs, but heck, we LOVED The Stairs and hopefully now Daytrotter kids will, too.

Meanwhile, Jonah Jenkins just emailed us about a singer-songwriter who's recorded an awesome unplugged / lo-fi rendition of a deep-album track by '90s Boston hardcore supergroup Miltown, the band Jenkins fronted (with future Top 40 emo producer Matt Squire on guitar) after Only Living Witness broke up.  Since Miltown's major-label album was never released, the appearance of this cover more than a decade later pushes the boundaries of serendipity.  Props to Níl Patrik Zolymon of Young Astronauts Club then for giving a new look to Miltown's "Predatory Male", which we would have considered more or less uncoverable by anyone, let alone a guy armed only with an acoustic guitar.  Give it a whirl at the official YAC pages, and grab the Miltown original for comparison's sake.