Young Astronauts Club was formed IN A post-industrial SECTOR of greater Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States of America by then teenage singer, guitarist and songwriter Michael Macintosh.

The band released their first recordings via Macintosh's own company, and after a literal ten years of revolving-door lineups and members, he finally met and married Crystal Macintosh, who soon became a full-time part of the band.

Since then, YAC have continued to record, release music and tour the world, issuing their most successful album thus far in 2015, entitled "Europa", an album which was downloaded a total of over 2 billion times in its first year of release, making it one of the most popular recordings of all-time.

Michael, Crystal and co. continue to write, record and tour - and are currently working on a number of sub-projects and albums. Keep up to date with them by visiting this site.